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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  October 14, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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nina pham say she is doing fine. she is getting a blood transfusion, she calls them the best team of doctors and nurses in the world. still teams are trying to figure out how despite wearing full protective gear the 26-year-old contracted the virus treating an ebola patient last week. >> a single case is unacceptable. what we are doing at this point is looking at everything we can do to minimize that risk. >> the concerns are growing about the potential spread of ebola, the world health organization says that by december there could be 10,000 new cases globally every week. u.s. officials are trying to calm fears about the virus being spread. and there is no risk of an outbreak in america, but there could be in this hospital. one nurse is questioning if enough is being done to keep them safe. >> what are the things we need
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to do to be more careful, do we need to invest in more protective equipment? >> the cdc says they are offering more training to hospital staff. and there are some workers that had contact with the ebola patient that died last week are being monitored daily. >> there is a lot of work to do to get this outbreak under control and so much of it involves governments and doctors on the other side of the world, there are other ways people in our area can make a difference, tonight a special telethon is being done to raise money for this cause, sara bloomquist is live in the call for action center for more on our goal and how you can contribute. >> reporter: throughout our newscast, we are hosting a fighting ebola donation drive,
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the number is there on your screen. 1-877-940-6222. we are teaming up with the american red cross this evening to answer your phone calls. all donations taken this evening will go towards treating patients and contain this deadly virus in west africa and we have representatives here from the liberian ministers association. they are collecting medical supplies and non-perishable food supplies to send to west africa, there is an address you can take those donations, they need food and rice and vegetable oil and hand sanitizer. we have don dennis, the press of the liberian association. put this in perspective. how has this ebola outbreak
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affected you here? >> it's hard here, we are losing family members that we don't have the potential to be with them we cannot go home because of the deadly virus. one of our staff lost his brother and sister-in-law to this deadly ebola virus. >> what are they most in need of? >> mostly food and hand sanitizer and gloves, and bedding and chlorine, and buckets to use to wash their hands. that is the material we need in liberian and surrounding west african countries. >> mr. dennis will be here along with other members of the american red cross. if you would like to make a monetary donation, it will all
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be used to help contain this deadly ebola virus. the number again is 1-877-940-6222. if you did not get the address of the church accepting donations, you'll find it on our website at we'll be here with you throughout the newscast tonight. >> thank you. and in edition to the phone bank, we are hosting a web chat right now with dr.ester. the head. public health department at drexel university. she is taking your questions now at the 6 abc facebook page. in the meantime, you can follow the latest developments on the ebola outbreak at and we have posted five important facts about the virus as well as details about the new screening measures in place at several major airports. >> all right thank you. police in bucks county are find ougt if a deadly crash on
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i-75 is a case of road rage, and we are learning more about the victim. john rawlins live now with more from the state police barracks. >> reporter: hi shirleen, well troopers here hope there is someone watching this piece now that could give them some side yeah to locate a driver of a car that triggered an incident that took the life of a south jersey woman. >> she saw the silver lining and had a brilliant sense of humor. >> if you were having a bad day, she could turn around that with just a couple of words or a snarky joke. >> a good friend and brother-in-law remembering lisa de maio, wife to paul de maio, a lawyer that plays in a band on the weekends.
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she was a mother and grandmother of one, little melody. driving southbound on i-95 in her suv, she was cut off by a black suv that then slammed on the brakes and she hit the guardrail. >> the vehicle went airborne and flipped several times. they can't say what prompted the movement, her brother-in-law said she was on the phone, and said oh, my god someone cut me off and then a scream and did not hear anything more, but heard air. >> those close to de maio hopes that the driver comes form. >> we all makes mistakes. i just wish they would put the family's mind at ease, maybe
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their own mind, come forth with any information about what happened. they took away an amazing friend, and mother and wife. >> the deadly incident occurred at 3:40 yesterday afternoon, southbound i-95, between street road and i-95, if you were on the road and saw something that could help police, even a partial license plate and the model and make of the other car, you are urged to call the state police. we'll put the number on our website. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. developing right now, the life of a man convicted of murdering a child and her grandmother is in the hands of a montgomery county jury. the jury began deliberating moments ago, they will find in raghunandan yandamuri will die for his crimes, they found him
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guilty of killing 10-month-old saanvi venna and her grandmother. the judge threatened to keep the jury late tonight to get the verdict. david henry will have more live at 4:30. district attorney, reece fuhrman dedicated hero plaques to francis fanning and joseph fletcher, in ardmore this morning. fanning suffered a heart attack on the job in 1966 and fletcher died in the line of duty in 1927, the motorcycle patrolman was killed in a crash while trying to pursue a suspect. new jersey governor chris christie have hit an all-time low, and a new eagleton poll shows that only 44% of voters have a favorable view of
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christie. 45% say they have an unfavorable opinion, his poll numbers are sliding for months now, the primary reason is taxes, the economy and education. time for a check now of the "action news" forecast. lets go outside to adam joseph, very cloudy out there right now. >> it is cloudy but the numbers are rising, we are talking about a warm surge with southeasterly winds and humid as well. the mid-atlantic temperatures, the temperatures are not falling, 77 in philadelphia, 81 in washington and 82 in richmond and the 70s extend into binghamton and buffalo, so well above normal for this time of year. on top of that we have the dew points that are back above 60, it feels humid outside and that the case along i-95 from
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philadelphia to washington and rich monday. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, the cold front will break this warmth and humidity as it pushes to the north and east. there are tornado watches and flash flood warnings in the deep south but as it comes here the severity of this will diminish. we'll look at the big weekend cool down, and the timing of the rain coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you address am. and still ahead, a recall affecting more than 100,000 vehicles. >> plus, a scare in the air forces an emergency landing, passengers noticed the walls of
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brand new at 4:00, one man is dead after he was shot while sitting in his car in southwest philadelphia. it happened on the 2100 block of
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south 60th street, they found a man in his 20s shot in the neck, head and cleft. they rushed him to the hospital of pennsylvania where he died a short time later. an american airlines flight had to make an emergency landing after it looks look the walls of the plane were caving in during the flight. the flight was heading towards san francisco to taps yesterday and the walls started to buckle and crack, there was never an issue with cabin pressure and the oxygen masks never dropped down but that didn't do much to calm the passengers that quickly told the crew. >> the passengers said you need to come over here and look at this. >> the pilot decided to turn around and land back at san francisco, it turns out the problem was caused by a broken airduct in the wall. no one was hurt. to business now, a mixed day for stocks, the dow slipping 6
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points on the day relatively little compared to the hemorrhaging it was doing lately. the s&p also gained 3 points. fiat chrysler is recalling 184,000 suvs because of a problem with airbags, it pacifics the 2014 dodge durango and jeep cherokee models, a potential short circuit to prevent the airbags from deploying. time now for a look at the "action news" traffic report on a particularly special day in that department. >> yes, it most certainly is. matt pellman happy birthday! >> thank you so much. you know it's also national dessert day. coincidence? >> good afternoon everybody, i hope you are having a good tuesday. a crash on i-95 northbound you
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it's out of way but busy in this nominally slow spot. jams up from penn's landing to the work zone to kotd man avenue, we say that pretty much every afternoon. we are watching other regions, one many plymouth township near the black horse tavern and the fire and police helping you around grocer road and perkasie county, a wreck along fifth street at chestnut street and a downs tree and wires in west town township, and closing 23, pleasant grove road is a possible alternate. slowing at 202, as you head down to painters crossing, and look for a wreck at stokes road at new hampshire way, the normal slowing at 73 around the old marlton circle, lets grab the
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ipad and do the commuter report, one friend using the waze app is light traffic on the northbound side as we zoom into the northbound lanes, we 15 to 20 miles per hour along the black horse pike. >> you said you would wear your birthday suit today. >> the best. >> thank you matt. happy birthday. we are still a few weeks away from halloween, but one retailer is looking beyond the season, rick williams has more on this. >> it's hard to believe that macy's is the first of the major retailers to announce its hours for black friday weekend, that's right. last year the retail chain opened its doors 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving day, that was earlier than ever before and sparked quite a bit of criticism, and now macy's is
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setting a new record. and the big of the companies in the country want to make it easier for employees to freeze their eggs, details of the unique health care option coming up tonight on "action news" at 5:00. some stories we are following for you. until then back to the studio. we'll see you then. up next adam is back with a full look at the accuweather forecast. >> plus, there are a million websites out there that help you save money but which ones are the best? from coupons to free returns and even earning money for a free flight. the break downs that can h this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose.
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aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. and here is another live look at our call to action center where we are taking your donations right now to help fight ebola, red cross members and members of the liberian community are waiting to take your calls and we are hosting a
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web chat at the facebook page with the director of public health readiness at the drexel school for public health. for now the phone lines are open. >> so many people have questions about the outbreak and it's a great resource to get them answered and help in a meaningful way. now it's time to check the accuweather forecast adam joseph is tracking humidity and rain. >> the rain comes in midweek swrent warmth and summer humidity near 80 degrees in the lehigh valley, 77 in philadelphia and 76 in wilmington. cooler because of a southeasterly wind and you look at the 24 change, a big time change as the warm front passes to the north, it's 18 degrees warmer than yesterday. millville coming in 13 degrees
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higher than 4:00 yesterday afternoon. we saw decent sunshine and clouds are filtering in with the easterly wind and rain is being held back into the ohio and tennessee valley with a cold front and associated low, the spin between st. louis and chicago right now, ahead of this system we have tornado watches and as this progresses to the east we'll see thunderstorms watches and the severe weather is to the west and south. as we look at 10,000 feet up, the layer in the atmosphere we look at the moisture in the atmosphere, that is where you see the green and moisture to the east and low to the west and pumping the winds to the south in between the two as we look at future tracker by 11:00 tomorrow night, the low pushes in from the west, and you can see the pipeline of moisture right up the eastern seaboard, that will
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give us the opportunity for a drenching downpour and again that chance of a random thunderstorm. 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, that is when the heavier rain is beginning to enter philadelphia and wilmington and all points to the west. the timing with this system, wednesday afternoon, a chance of light showers or rain, west of philadelphia, really tomorrow night into thursday morning, we get the soaking rain, a gusty thunderstorm and on thursday morning, through the noon time hour, there will be lingering showers and peeks of sun come thursday afternoon. as we look at the forecast, mostly cloudy and warm and muggy and 63, 66 in philadelphia, and the overnight lows are actually closer to the normal high temperature for this time of year and your four day at 4:00 t. rain arrives in the afternoon tomorrow and 79 degrees and thursday rain and afternoon sunshine will break out at 72, a little cooler and we'll drop the humidity and then dry and breezy to finish the weekend at 70
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degrees and saturday a beautiful start to your weekend with temperatures at 70 with a mixture of sun and clouds, overall looking good from the transition of summer-like weather to what is more normal for this time of year. >> very good,
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time for the buzz, robert downey jr. cannot seem to separate himself from his iron man suit. he is in negotiations to appear in captain america 3, as iron man, and he is set to appear in the avengers and his character also appearing in avengers 3, in captain america 3, is he up against iron man. watch out for that, busy guy there. well, she is officially amal
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clooney. it's unclear if the new mrs. clooney is using her maiden name or going with the full. she were married in a star studded affair in venice a few weeks ago. the abc lineup tonight starts at 8:00 with selfie, and manhattan love story season "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." at 9:00 and then a lot of people loving this show, about a medical examiner that has been alive for more than 200 years and can't seem to die. tune in here at 6 abc tonight, and while you are watching use the #~ forever and use the #- 6 abc and tonight nydia han is hosting the live twitter viewing party. >> thank you. coming up here can pets transmit t
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the deadly ebola virus sfl. >> and clothes look better on skinny people, the explosive claim made by a fashion brand on live television this morning. what prompted her comment ahead. >> get the latest ways to save money and time do you guys do instant hey, i losreplacement?ard. (snap!) what just happened? check your wallet.
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"action news" continues with adam joseph, shirleen allicot, and brian taff.s" continues with >> hello again, 4:30 and "action news" continues with big health news today. big details on the natural product that some call a break through when it comes to treating children with autism. plus, he emerged from the ground to cause chaos, a smoke bombing suspect targeting diners at a new york city restaurant and a school boy charged with an unspeakable crime, why police in new york city say that a little boy murdered an 80-year-old acquaintance. now the ebola crisis claiming life of 7 of 10 patients it affects. one is dallas nurse, nina pham. her blood is filled with the anti-virus for ebola that she contracted from thomas duncan
4:30 pm
last week. the question is how she got it and what will happen to pham's dog. registered nurse and reporter, ali gorman is live now at the big board with the pet angle. >> it's a tale of two situations, in spain when this nurse got ebola, the dog was put down, this nurse's dog is being fed and quarantines and taken care of. we have questions about pets and ebola. thousands of angry pet owners and activists took to the streets in madrid when word got out that nurse's assist aant do had been euthanized. they were concerned that the dog could transmit the ebola virus to humans. dr. ronald hardy of veterinarian
4:31 pm
school says that was likely an overreaction. >> there is no evidence or case of a dog transmitting the virus to another dog or another person, dr. hardy studies ebola since 1998, and there is no evidence that dogs and cats can get sick themselves. they could take a wait and see approach with the dog. >> there is no reason the dog can't be observed and quarantined and tested for the virus. that is what dallas doctors are doing with bentley when it was confirmed that his owner, nina pham tested positive for ebola. >> animals particularly dogs that are prevalent in these outbreak regions, we need to understand how they may play a role in the transition cycle. >> reporter: and dr. hardy says that pets can have an indirect
4:32 pm
on this outbreak if people sphere that their pets may be taken away, they may be less like to report potential symptoms or exposure to ebola. and the cdc is said to come up with guidelines on pets and eastbound. >> they need to do something. thank you. turning now to montgomery county and the pet angle, it's one of many questions that people are asking us on facebook another one comes from pamela moser, she says that why is someone taking a person's temperature a line of defense, the known incubation is 21 days, what if they are at day six, lets go to dr. esther. >> that is a great question, the truth is screening for temperature at an airport really just protects individuals that are on that flight.
4:33 pm
preventing people that are actively sick with ebola from getting on an airplane or when people are screened when they arrive in country, it represents them from mingling into the country if in fact they have fever. it's one of the early and most important signs of ebola. but it's a long 21 day incubation period so someone that is exposed to the virus who may not be ill, is not going to be detected through an airport scanning process that is why airport screening is an imperfect way of stopping the spread of this virus. and because there could be folks exposed. i know in the west african current there is high transmission, people are being interviewed if they had exposure to an ill person technically they are not allowed on the plane, and if they live in a care where they have access to
4:34 pm
medical care and to medical care and clinicians that recognize their infection and also can act quickly to isolate them and identify their contacts and isolate those contacts to make sure they don't spread it as well. the question is quite right, the airport is limited in its impact to keep this from screening. >> and post people in our poll favor increased screening but every little bit helps. doctor thank you. there are ways people in our area can make a big difference, we are holding a telethon to raise money for the cause. sara bloomquist is live in the call to action center with more on how you can contribute to the efforts. >> we are teaming up with the american red cross taking your donations to fight against ebola irk the number to call right now, is 1-877-940-6222.
4:35 pm
just today the experts with the world health organization said a lot more people will die if the world's response is not accepted up. all the money collected by the american red cross this evening will go to help treat patients and stop the spread of ebola in west africa. the number to call, 1-877-940-6222. we'll be here throughout the newscast this evening. >> brian back to you. >> thank you. a reminder you can follow the outbreak of ebola at we have posted the five most important factses about the spread of this virus. and find details about the new screening measures we mentioned at several airports it's all here now at now to montgomery county, the fate of a man convicted of murdering a child and her grandmother is now in the hands of a montgomery county jury, david henry is live outside of the courthouse in norristown with the latest on the penalty
4:36 pm
phase. >> not quite in their hands yet, the judge is getting final instructions from the judge on the law and it will be in their hands to decide if raghunandan yandamuri will get life or death. his lawyer implored the jury to spare his life arguing that he has a history of mental disorders, but he is not evil, that when he killed saanvi venna, and her grandmother it was because of a plan that went horribly wrong. it was a botched kidnap for ransom attempt. police said he did it because he was buried under a pile of gambling debts and he originally confessed and then said he was forced into it by two strangers. the jury convicted him of two counts of first degree murder.
4:37 pm
raghunandan yandamuri's lawyer laid out a history of psychiatric care when he was 13, three years after his policeman father was killed in a terrorist bombing. and they testified he has bipolar disorder that has gone untreatmented since he came to the u.s. the jury will have the case soon and it will be up to them now whether or not they should go back in and deliberate into the night or come back tomorrow morning for a fresh start. live in norristown, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you david. the delaware county spca is investigating a heart breaking case of animal neglect. these are pictures of an extremely malnourished pit bull, she weighs only 20 pounds and
4:38 pm
she constantly wags her tail and shows undying affection for people despite her within, if you have information on this, you can call the spca or find a way to help with her care at now, a case out of wayne county, pennsylvania, a 10-year-old boy is facing murder charges for beating an elderly woman to death. police say that the child held a cane against the 90-year-old woman's throat and repeatedly punched her while she was in her bed. he got angry with the victim for yelling at him. the elderly victim was being cared for by the child's grandfather and the child is now being held as an adult without bail. and today new jersey judge rule that whatever they show, the video can not be withheld.
4:39 pm
the supreme court ruling come a month after chris christie ruled that police cars must be equipped with the cameras and plaintiffs sued to get the cameras but were denied their requests. they say it's in for a matter of a public records. philadelphia is the ninth most expensive city to live in. the new report found that residents in the city of brotherly love spent $21,000 a year on housing, like utilities and furnishing, the most expensive is the nation's capital. they spend $28,400 on housing, following by san francisco and new york city. work is underway on the next phase of walking and biking trails. mayor michael nutter and others broke ground on the baxter trail
4:40 pm
this morning, it will add to the north river front greenway trail. when complete it will be some 750 miles long, the new stretch includes a 180 foot bridge over pennypack creek to pleasant hill park. and still to come, nobody puts this kid in the corner, why seeing one kid's dirty dancing video went viral. and meteorologist, adam joseph, returns with the full forecast from accuweather when forecast from accuweather when "action ne forecast from accuweather when "on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance,
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the nypd released new video of a bizarre attack in the new color images you can see the victim pop up and hurl a red smoke bomb into bar pity.
4:43 pm
within seconds the man was back under grown, the suspect believed to be in his 20s is still on the loose, fortunately nobody was hurt. the attack says it exposes a major gap in subway security. a new study says that the chemical in broccoli may help fight autism. john hopkins and harvard hospital studies 46 boys and men and they took pills with the chemical and some had improved or very much improved interaction and communication, patients that took a placebo did not fair as well. still we should be clear there is no known cure for autism. now at the big board with the big talkers, this picture here sparked a big, heated conversation on twitter, a man snapped a photo from a mannequin from a department store, is so
4:44 pm
thin that the foam ribs are protruding, the girl who took it appeared on a tv show in new zealand. and now it's tearing up the internet. >> lets face it clothes look better on skinny people, they just do, that is how it is. my concern is that has always been the way, but things like miley cyrus, she comes out and promotes dope smoking, she has fans that are 10 years old and that is a bigger issue. they are now tearing up denise, calling her comments hurtful and judgmental. and finally, it's like we are there at kellerman's, johnny casting and you know it from dirty dancing, this is 8-year-old charlie's living room and he has seen this many times
4:45 pm
because he owns patrick swayze's choreography. ♪ ♪ from the come over here finger curl at the beginning to the center solo, charlie has it down. knee for knee, he is doing it. he even has the group strut down, nailing it no one puts charlie in the corner the only bummer part of this video, is that charlie has to sit the lift out that is until his little jennifer grey shows up at some point in his life. just he and his mom in the living room rolling it. >> some day that kid will be on "dancing with the stars." >> incredible. well, as we mentioned today
4:46 pm
is matt pellman's birthday so expect dancing like that out of him today. >> he has the moves too. >> yes. we are dancing around traffic troubles, lets put it that way. just a slow afternoon on the schuylkill expressway, on eastbound delay from the roosevelt to south street. in douglas township a bad crash at grocer road and fire and police are helping you around that and upper providence, traffic lights are on the fritz between ridge pike and spring lake road, stay on royersford road. and in plymouth township, watch for a crash at ridge pike near the black horse tavern and a downed tree and wires blocking 926 and stay on pleasant grove
4:47 pm
road or even 52. had a crash giving us extra heavy conditions in burlington and camden coins on the southbound side of 295, and the wrecks are now off to the side and speeds are slow from 38 to that accidents scene, and if are you riding the rails, the thorndale-paoli line has 50 minute delays. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> all right thank you. before we go to break today we want to remind you we are hosting a web chat on the ebola outbreak. dr. esther is taking your questions there, on our 6 abc facebook pag
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4:50 pm
adam joseph is along with the forecast. >> the overnight lows are typical of the high temperatures for this time of year, a balmy night and then humid and stormy midweek. looking at double scan network it's quiet and clouds upstairs after sunshine and despite the clouds it's warm and humid, 77 in philadelphia, so far we have hit 79 degrees for the high and that is the temperature right now in the lehigh valley, 69 in the poconos and a strong southeasterly wind and this time of year that water temperature is starting to cool off and that is why numbers are cooler at the shore and winds coming in from the southeast and numbers in the low 70s up through long beach island, satellite and radar, draped over our region, that is way to the north now, we are awaiting the cold fran that brings in rain and a gusty
4:51 pm
thunderstorm. but tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning, generally a mixture of sun and clouds and that continues through the morning, the early afternoon hours, by noon you start to see some downpours and thunderstorms in western parts of lancaster but it takes its time pushing to the east. by 5:00 that line barely moves to the east, it will be lancaster county and western chester and berks county, during the evening rush that we see the rain moving in but generally dry in much of the area, during the overnight hours at mid tight that is when the steadier rain arrives and that lingers into the early morning hours of thursday here at 6:00 drying to the west and that is the general trend on wednesday and morning rain and afternoon sunshine, how much rain are we looking forward to here for wednesday afternoon and thursday morning. in general a half inch and some areas could see a pocket or two and an inch and a half of rain and the rumble of thunder that
4:52 pm
brings down the heavier downpours, the threats for the system is downpours and street flooding and moderate risks, for downpours but any tornado and hail risk is low as the system is weakening as it pushes in from the west, cloudy and warm and muggy and 63 to 66, our normal high is 67 degrees. as woe look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a similar today tomorrow 79 degrees with rain arriving in the afternoon and evening and the rain transitioning to some afternoon sun and cooler at 72 and dry and breezy friday with a beautiful start to the weekend, sun and clouds at 70 degrees, but a big drop come sunday, a chilly finish, only 59 for the high and it stays cool monday into tuesday, we go from nearly 80 on wednesday to a high of 59 come sunday.
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i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers. and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor. with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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happiness, the music starts and the high intensity dance moves begin, what happened next is pretty amazing. now breaking it down first australia with this happening here. >> we hope so. everybody needs to start like that. >> yeah. bring it to philadelphia. >> that will do it for "action news," for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm brian taff, shirleen and i along with adam joseph and
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. that you larging statistics against the fight against ebola. now they say 70% of people that get the virus will die. there is some good news, now the first woman to contract the woman in the u.s. is receiving a potentially life saving blood transfusion, the big story
5:00 pm
tonight is the battle to contain the deadly ebola virus, but there is grim statics out today. west africa could see 10,000 new cases a week in the next month. >> now they have no idea how nina pham contracted the virus while caring for thomas duncan, pham was wearing a mask and gloves and a shield while working as a critical care nurse. she just received a blood transfusion from dr. kent brantly, he survives ebola and has antibodies. >> dann cuellar is now live with more. >> reporter: hey rick, delaware county public health offi